Our Difference

We were excited to think about what if. Now, we want to
bring you what’s next.

Each of our companies started off small: two people, a vision and determination to change the way healthcare worked. At IMS, it was creating information about healthcare activity that never existed before. For Quintiles, it was introducing data science to drug development.

We continue to have bold ambitions.

QuintilesIMS is proud to bring you our combined data, expertise, technology and operational capabilities. But what is really new is that we are connecting these in ways that haven’t been seen before. And that will empower us to provide new solutions to help you move healthcare forward.
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Our technologies

Technology solutions to power your competitive differentiation and accelerate your business model transformation

  • Proprietary IT platforms and technologies supporting
    thousands of commercial engagements, clinical trials and
    real-world studies conducted globally every year
  • Award-winning safety platform provides >99%
    on-time compliance to regulatory authorities

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Our clinical and commercial

We integrate execution capabilities seamlessly across disciplines, to support our solutions as well as your outsourcing needs

  • Thousands of proprietary methodologies, including patented systems for analytics, data encryption and forecasting

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Our Data

The world’s largest and most diverse set of healthcare information, including privacy protected, anonymized patient level data to provide granularity

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Our People

An uncommon blend of clinical, commercial, data and technology experts all working together to create solutions that cut across disciplines

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Featured QuintilesIMS Institute Report:
Global Oncology Trends 2017 - Advances, Complexity and Cost

Over the past decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer, driven by advances in personalized medicine and immuno-oncology. In this report, we share our perspective on some of the trends observed in 2016, including impact on cancer outcomes, the redefinition of many cancers, availability and costs of oncology therapeutics and complexity in cancer treatments.

Read report

We cannot just claim to bring clinical, commercial and real-world insights together because we put them into one company.  We have to make it happen.  And it is by connecting our capabilities in new ways throughout the product lifecycle that we do.

  • Improving clinical study efficiency and execution by infusing data and science seamlessly and early
  • Bringing together prospective and retrospective research to develop a richer understanding of real-world practice and outcomes
  • Delivering innovative consulting services through a lens of scientific expertise and practical experience
  • Developing technology solutions based on the healthcare data they use and the healthcare applications they support
  • Providing end-to-end solutions by integrating clinical and commercial operations in-house
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