Transform Clinical Development

New ways to drive clinical trials forward

Harnessing the potential of disparate and expanding data sources to improve predictability, maximize asset value and improve patient lives.

A fresh approach to clinical development

Transform clinical development by connecting healthcare data, new technologies, advanced methodologies and scientific expertise. Combined, these resources increase your understanding of how patients are treated and which sites have the targeted potential population. They help provide new levels of understanding around what clinical outcomes lead to commercial success. They provide you with real-world information to help you confidently value your advancements. We develop and connect these capabilities to significantly improve clinical trials’ process and results.

  • Maximize asset value
  • Increase predictability
  • Shorten timelines

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Turn an abundance of disconnected data into meaningful insights

Improve understanding of issues, outcomes and likely results of actions through deep analysis of 15+ petabytes of data.

An example: our detailed real-world data combined with predictive analytics is forging new approaches to finding rare disease patients.

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Drive better trial execution and greater asset value by improving clinical design

  • Real-world insights inform clinical development designs for evolving markets
  • Make decisions that improve risk assessment and predictability
  • Minimize protocol amendments to reduce delays and cost over-runs

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Transform Clinical Strategies for Success
New patient recruitment

 4.9 Million potential investigators

Precision medicine, scarcity of patients and investigators and more complex protocols demand operational strategies grounded in data and insights, not assumptions.

  • Identify sites based on early insight into target patient populations
  • Connect with sites predicted to perform and support them with data-driven patient recruitment

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R&D Strategy Consulting: turn your biggest investment into your biggest opportunity

  • Resource allocation focused on assets with the most potential
  • Smarter trial strategies for shorter time to market
  • Portfolio strategy designed to meet your corporate objectives
  • Trial strategies designed to meet the needs of both regulatory authorities and commercial objectives

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QuintilesIMS leverages data-driven insight and technology to optimize clinical trials today

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