Lead with Real-World Insights

Transform Healthcare with Real-World Insights

Global real-world data (RWD) transforms healthcare by improving your understanding of patients, treatments, outcomes and costs. Harness its power for commercial insights as well as to generate evidence for scientific purposes.

Important decisions based on shared insights in the real world

Companies are increasingly using RWD globally to generate evidence to meet the needs of regulators, payers, providers and patients.

  • R&D: Design more efficient studies by validating the feasibility of study designs and selecting sites with the right patients
  • HEOR, Market Access, Safety, and Medical Affairs: Create real-world evidence in studies that support regulatory and reimbursement needs
  • Brand teams: Develop more compelling value propositions for their products and more actionable commercial plans

Real world value tree

Develop your Real-World Insights ecosystem

Power insights from real-world data by creating comprehensive and scalable views of patients, treatments, costs and outcomes.

Build a reusable foundation of broad and clinically rich RWD through prospective studies, existing healthcare databases and our therapeutic area data networks.  Access technologies (E360), scientific and commercial expertise and analytic approaches to help all functions use these insights:

  • Epidemiology & drug safety
  • Outcomes research
  • Market access
  • HE modeling
  • Patient landscapes
  • Brand performance

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RWI Proof Points

Breakthrough approach to creating, accessing RWD

QuintilesIMS helps you create complete disease views by developing data sources providing both population views and deep clinical depth.

  • Leverage our existing T-SENs in several primary care and specialty diseases including oncology, MS, ophthalmology, RA, CV and metabolic diseases
  • Access new data in over 2,200 external and internal indexed patient-level data sources to build or supplement your T-SEN
  • Generate new clinically rich data through enriched and prospective studies

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RWI T-shaped data
RWI Enriched Studies

Enriched studies: integrate prospective and existing healthcare data for a new approach to building evidence

Prospective data is critical to support real-world evidence needs. Linking primary data collection with existing RWD allows you to prospectively collect only the data you need to answer more questions with a single study.

  • Reduced burden on sites
  • More efficient long term follow-up
  • Ability to reuse captured data

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World class de-identification solutions

Use and share data for secondary purposes while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other privacy regulations, standards and guidelines. 

QuintilesIMS’ Privacy Analytics offerings allow organizations to quickly and easily apply a risk-based de-identification methodology that ensures individual privacy and legal compliance while maximizing the value of sensitive, linked data sets.

A robust method of de-identification ensures:

  • Access to a reliable and steady flow of high-quality de-identified data for secondary purposes
  • Greater legal certainty with data sets that are certified to have a low risk of re-identification
  • Meeting and exceeding existing standards and guidelines for best practices around de-identification
  • Consistency and audibility of your de-identification process
  • Establishing trusted relationships with data sharing partners
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