Be Inspection-Ready. Always.

Completeness and accuracy of the TMF is critical in ensuring the integrity of trial results and the safety of the human subjects. Ensure your inspections have a positive outcome by easily monitoring and maintaining an inspection-ready eTMF. Wingspan Clinical Content Management helps you:

  • Access, edit, and store clinical trial documents in one secure, globally-accessible location
  • Use planning and metrics to provide instant insights into the health of your TMF
  • Scale to manage trials of any size and support collaboration among sponsors and CROs

Anticipate Outcomes

With increasing scrutiny of clinical trials comes greater risk of non-compliance. Inspectors expect TMFs to be complete, maintained and organized. Meet these expectations with complete, consistent, and compliant TMFs that help you improve your ability to be inspection ready for ongoing and completed studies.

  • Gain insights in to completeness of trials and easily identify documents that are coming due and past due based on study and site milestones
  • Support health authority inspections by providing direct access to eTMF archives with confidence
  • Use electronic signature capabilities and properly validated processes to decrease handling and archiving of paper

Work more efficiently with partners

Help your sites and your CRO partners perform more efficiently and effectively. Wingspan eTMF can provide clarity around completeness of TMFs and the availability of expected documents for both final and ongoing trials. And, high-throughput processes minimize clicks in document processing, making resource intensive processes such as QC much easier.

  • Provide CRA partners with role-based access to the eTMF so they can easily access to only the studies they are supporting
  • Eliminate email document exchanges with secure, global access and modern search and filtering capabilities
  • Give sponsors immediate “need to know” insight into status and performance so they can more efficiently perform oversight functions

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