We help solve your commercial problems differently

Rethink commercialization with an unexpected mix of practical expertise, therapeutic depth and execution capabilities. See opportunities more clearly by connecting insights across clinical, regulatory, payer and commercial.

QuintilesIMS has highly specialized expertise to manage increasing complexity

Highly specialized experties

Due diligence across the product lifecycle

A more accurate and precise assessment of assets and opportunities.

  • Pipeline viability and potential investment evaluation.
  • Comprehensive cost, risk and commercial opportunity analysis
  • Market access and HTA risk assessment to inform valuations
  • Integrated commercial and clinical data plus operational experience to reduce assumptions
  • Evidence-based risk profiling for product development and regulatory assessment

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Demonstrate Value Commercial

Get your treatments to patients through optimal pricing and market access

  • Best-in-class assessments of both clinical value and commercial potential to guide investment strategy
  • Evidence planning and study outcomes to demonstrate value to advance clinical outcomes and commercial performance
  • Stakeholder insights to inform value proposition and pricing
  • Multi-disciplinary solutions that address medical, regulatory, and commercial objectives
  • Global strategy implementation on a regional and local level

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Redefine your definition of launch excellence

  • End-to-end launch capabilities starting with clinical phase evidence generation through to multichannel and in-person execution
  • Proven frameworks designed to help successfully launch a brand globally
  • Increased share of voice with multichannel marketing and in-person execution
  • Gold-standard proprietary clinical and commercial data
  • Advanced launch analytics and technology deliver insights and track performance

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Optimize every product and every possibility

Optimize every product and every possibility

For emerging biopharma companies, out-licensing is not the only way to bring a product to market.

QuintilesIMS offers a full spectrum of end-to-end commercial outsourcing solutions -- from determining strategy and investment to launch and field force execution.

Retain control and maximize the value of your product and your company with a team who has invested in the data, expertise and technology to help pave your path to success.

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6700 Sales Professionals

Our virtual commercialization capabilities help you:

  • Retain control of strategy, marketing and pricing
  • Maximize value for your product and your company
  • Minimize risk by making your commercial infrastructure variable
  • Make informed decisions with real-time, actionable analytics
  • Integrate internal & external teams seamlessly
  • Ensure future flexibility as strategies shift

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Commercial Outsourcing Solutions

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