Orchestrated Customer Engagement

A new category of technology that enables the pharmaceutical industry
to transition to an orchestrated commercial model

The Difference You Will Feel

Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) transforms your commercial operations from silos functioning independently and concurrently, to horizontally-aware and highly collaborative orchestrated departments, that are functioning in concert with precisely scheduled, and deeply contextualized customer engagement actions.  


Why The Need For A New Category

The challenge of managing multiple stakeholders with constantly changing levels of influence, and multiple channels with constantly changing levels of relevance, has created a point of inflection, where a non-orchestrated commercial model is no longer just an impediment, it is now compromising the effectiveness of commercializing brands.

OCE Groupings
OCE Pharma Image

Finally No More Silos

The increasing number of legacy point solutions currently implemented in our customers’ organizations is increasingly driving departments such as sales and marketing apart. In partnership with our customers, we took a hard look at the silod nature of commercial operations in the pharmaceutical industry and accepted the challenge to remove these silos.

Tech Your Employees Will Love

Each module in the orchestration suite has been modeled from the personas of the roles in a modernized pharmaceutical organizational design.

We studied the habits, best practices, and desires of each persona, and created software that works for the user – as opposed to today’s legacy point solutions - where the user works for the software. Roles in your organization such as marketing, sales, market access, medical affairs, and home office can now operate in concert with low friction and high context of each other’s actions, at the altar of driving an orchestrated engagement experience with your customers.

Personas flow