Background information on the
QuintilesIMS Lawsuit Against Veeva Systems

March 24, 2017


QuintilesIMS initiated a lawsuit against Veeva in January 2017 to protect our intellectual property and the significant investments we’ve made to bring useful insights and innovations to our clients in the life sciences and healthcare industries. The filing of this action will in no way impede our clients’ businesses. This fact sheet provides background information to address frequently asked questions.

QuintilesIMS has routinely shared data with third parties for decades. QuintilesIMS developed the Third Party Access (TPA) program more than 20 years ago so our clients could use our information with other vendors. We believe this gives clients more choice and more value. In 2016 alone, QuintilesIMS issued 10,000+ licenses through the TPA program to 1,000+ vendors, many of whom provide competing offerings. Even Veeva has been the beneficiary of 50+ licenses to QuintilesIMS data under the TPA program.

Veeva’s unlawful behavior is unprecedented for us. It is clear to us that Veeva has engaged in countless acts of theft and misuse of our intellectual property. We have been through multiple cycles of false assurances that Veeva was protecting our data from misuse, followed by “fixes,” and ultimately further theft and misuse of our data. Veeva is the only vendor with these challenges --- we have never experienced anything like this with any other vendor. We regret that Veeva’s executives then repeatedly misled clients by stating they had adequately responded to our concerns. They have not.

We tried to resolve this outside of court. We have been actively working to negotiate with Veeva directly for three years. We engaged a global professional services firm and a nationally renowned digital security firm to review information about Veeva’s practices and provide expert analysis and feedback. We spent considerable management time and resources and incurred significant costs evaluating Veeva’s assurances and materials and considering options. Each time, Veeva failed to adequately resolve our concerns, frequently rejected our feedback and continued to unlawfully use our information to its advantage. We filed the lawsuit against Veeva after seeing it as our only course of action. Their antitrust counterclaims filed two months later are clearly in retaliation for our lawsuit and entirely without merit.

Clients should not be affected by this dispute. We have assured clients that the filing of the QuintilesIMS lawsuit will have no impact on the services we currently provide to them or any existing TPAs that may be in place. Further, there is no reason to involve clients in the lawsuit. To our surprise, Veeva publicly stated its intention to drag customers into this legal dispute after filing its meritless claims. We simply don’t support that approach because we believe customers have already been needlessly impacted by Veeva’s conduct.

QuintilesIMS will vigorously protect our investment. QuintilesIMS invests billions of dollars annually to bring useful insights and innovations to our clients in the life sciences and healthcare industries which help our clients improve patient care and outcomes and lower healthcare costs. These capabilities include 1,000+ services built on 20+ petabytes of data, advanced technologies and the efforts, skills and experiences of 50,000+ employees to create healthcare insights and capabilities in 100+ countries. QuintilesIMS will use every means available to vigorously defend our valuable intellectual property, while continuing to drive innovation, insights and technical excellence for the benefit of our clients in countries around the world.

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